Annual Competition Rules

The Annual Competition includes the following species: pronghorn, typical Coues deer, non-typical Coues deer, typical mule deer, non-typical mule deer, typical elk, non-typical elk, desert bighorn sheep, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, bison, javelina, black bear, and cougar. (The jaguar was put on the protected species list in 1968, and Arizona was included in the area in which jaguars are protected under the Endangered Species Act in 1997).
All Annual Competition entries must be measured by either an Arizona Wildlife Trophies official measurer or a Boone & Crockett Club official measurer. A list of these official measurers can be found at the back of the most recent edition of Arizona Wildlife Trophies or click here for a list:  Official Trophy Measurers 2018
Rules for entering a trophy in the Annual Competition are as follows:
  1. The trophy must be an Arizona species taken in Arizona.
  2. The trophy must have been legally taken as prescribed by the Arizona Game and Fish Department and in accordance with Rules of Fair Chase. (To review these Rules, click here: Rules of Fair Chase)
  3. The trophy must have been taken in the respective calendar year (Jan-Dec) for that year’s competition, and the score chart must be received by the Arizona Wildlife Trophies Committee by May 1 of the following year. Late entries are registered in the records but are not eligible for Annual Competition Awards. However, all approved entries receive a certificate.
  4. Awards will be given only to the hunter who actually took the trophy and meets the first three requirements.
  5. The Committee reserves the right to examine and measure the trophy at its discretion and specifically reserves the right to disqualify any measurement when the actual trophy is not available for its personal observation. Standard procedure will be to call in those trophies nominated as Annual Competition Award winners and those that will rank in the top three places for review and confirmation by a minimum of three Committee members or their appointed representatives. Those trophies not verified by the Committee will be indicated by an asterisk in the trophy listings and so footnoted.
  6. Approved trophies which meet the above requirements are automatically entered into competition status. However, the Committee may decline to give an Annual Competition Award if, in its opinion, the trophy is not large enough to be considered an outstanding head or if there is not enough competition that year in a given category.
(Note: Hunters need only meet legal licensing and permit requirements. Neither resident status nor special organization membership has any bearing on entry eligibility.)

The  entry fee for trophy entries is $30.