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Purchase or renew your Individual Membership by clicking the "Join" button to the right.  If you prefer to join by mail, print the AWF Membership Application or AWF Life Member Application and mail with your payment.

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As an individual member of the AWF you will have an opportunity to participate in its activities as a committee member, as a member of the Board of Directors, or as an officer of the board.
As a member of the AWF you will receive the quarterly newsletter Arizona Wildlife News, the AWF’s official publication.  Reading it will keep you informed on local and national news about conservation issues, AWF’s efforts, volunteer opportunities, and special events.  You are encouraged to contribute to the newsletter with photos and stories about your personal outdoor activities and your views on conservation issues.

AWF members also receive membership cards and decals for their vehicles.  All payments are tax deductible.

Membership fees:
$15 Junior
$30 Individual
$75 Individual (3 years)
$45 Family
$110 Family (3 years)
$75 Small Business
$100 Patron
$500 Life
$500 Benefactor
$500 Corporate

Become a Member through an Affiliated Club

Affiliated clubs are an important component of AWF operations.  Together we are better able to address conservation issues of mutual concern on both a state and national level.  We have two classes of Affiliate membership:

Associate-Affiliate Club

Associate-Affiliate Clubs pay a $100.00 per year membership fee to the AWF. Associate-Affiliate clubs receive two subscriptions to Arizona Wildlife News and voting privileges in the election of AWF officers and adoption of by-law changes in relation to the number of members in their club. Additionally, Associate-Affiliate club members are offered individual $15 memberships, independent of their club memberships, providing all benefits and rights of individual membership.

Affilate Club

Affiliate Clubs pay $6.50 per club member to the AWF. Such members then enjoy full benefits of individual membership, including all periodicals printed by the AWF and may vote in elections and bylaws changes as an individual member.

If you wish to become a member as/of an Affiliated Club, contact the AWF. 

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