Environmental Fund for Arizona

The Environmental Fund for Arizona is a coalition of Arizona’s finest conservation and environmental non-profit groups.  AWF is proud to be a part of this coalition.
Collectively, we are tackling every conservation and environmental issue facing Arizona today, including preserving our spectacular wild places, keeping our skies blue and our rivers flowing, reintroducing native crops that tolerate heat and arid climates, creating sensible energy policies, rehabilitating our wildlife when injured or orphaned, and getting our children together with nature through sponsored filed trips, classroom presentations, and hands-on work programs.

To learn more visit the EFAZ website, http://www.environmentalfundaz.org/

You can Support the Arizona Wildlife Federation at Work! 


Did you know that you can support the amazing mission of the Arizona Wildlife Federation at work?
It’s easy. We’re a member of the Environmental Fund for Arizona (EFAZ), a diverse alliance of 28 environmental & conservation nonprofits all across the state. Similar to the
United Way, EFAZ serves to raise awareness, volunteerism, and much-needed donations for Arizona’s environmental causes – and to provide a ‘green’ choice to Arizona employees in their workplace giving and community outreach.


EFAZ is currently included in 26 workplaces in Arizona, from Flagstaff to Tucson.

Our workplace campaign partners have helped raise nearly $1 million to date to support the work of the Arizona Wildlife Federation and other EFAZ member nonprofits. It’s truly an investment in preserving the natural heritage of Arizona for future generations!

Finally, if you’re interested in bringing EFAZ to your workplace, please contact Kim Parrott at: mailto: kparrot@environmentalfundaz.org or visit  http://www.environmentalfundaz.org/