Revenues/jobs connected to hunters-anglers-wildlife enthusiasts

Outdoor recreation is an economic driver in Arizona:

Fishing and hunting recreation make up a large part of our state’s economic engine, generating $2.4 billion each year in eco­nomic benefits.

Wildlife-watching contributes $1.4 billion to the state’s economy, including $863 million in retail sales… more than the combined national total of baseball,softball and tennis equipment.

Wildlife-related recreation activities help support more than 21,000 jobs in Arizona  and create salaries and wages totaling more than $464 million for Arizona residents.

Arizonans support wildlife:

More than 2.1 million Arizona citizens participate in wildlife-related outdoor recreation.

One in every five Arizona residents par­ticipates in some form of wildlife watch­ing activity.

In 2013, there were more wildlife rec­reation participants in Arizona than the combined populations of Alaska, North Dakota and Vermont.

Voters passed by an almost 2-to-1 vote the 1990 Heritage Initiative, which helps protect Arizona’s wildlife species and habitats.