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Charlie Shaw Conservation Partnership Award  


January 11, 2012

Charlie Shaw Conservation Partnership Award

Established in 1991, this special achievement award was created in memory of Charlie Shaw, who was National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) southeastern regional executive at the time of his passing in March 1990. Charlie is best remembered by his peers for fostering strong partnerships between NWF and its affiliates and for mentoring new leaders.

Why Is the Award Given?

Charlie Shaw’s peers established this award to honor him. It recognizes the spirit of Charlie’s work as an affiliate executive director and later as an NWF staff member. Charlie loved the National Wildlife Federation. In his eyes, the Federation was not simply a partnership or relationship between “the National” and each affiliate partner. Charlie rightly saw all of us as part of one big family—many of us different, but all working together toward our shared goal of protecting wildlife and habitat.

Charlie was many things to many people. He was a dedicated employee, a teacher, a businessman, an entrepreneur, a skilled fundraiser, a bass fisherman and a friend of wildlife and all people who care about conservation. Most of all, he was a mentor. He coached, shared and led—first as a private businessman, then as executive director of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation and finally as a regional executive for NWF.

Charlie felt strongly about the role that NWF staff and affiliate leaders play in advancing conservation initiatives. He knew that the teamwork and cooperation that results in on-the-ground victories required dedicated individuals, effective affiliate leadership and a commitment to a joint mission.

This tribute reaffirms Charlie’s accomplishments in building strong affiliates—and strong partnerships with affiliates—and the unselfish style of team play he developed and understood was necessary to win the game for wildlife.

What Does the Award Look Like?

The actual award is 9½ inches tall and consists of a round crystal piece with an etched likeness of Charlie Shaw set on a rectangular marble base. NWF’s president (or the president’s designee) presents the Charlie Shaw Conservation Partnership Award at the NWF Annual Meeting.

Who May Be Nominated?

An award is made in each of two categories:

- A volunteer or staff member from an affiliate organization

- A staff member of the National Wildlife Federation*

Who May Make a Nomination?

Any affiliate president/chair, executive director, representative or alternate representative; NWF employee; or member of NWF’s Board of Directors may submit one nomination for each category.

How and By When Are Nominations Made?

On the nomination form provided, please clearly state the nominee’s name, affiliate organization (if applicable) and position. The narrative should describe the nominee’s commitment to enhancing the working relationship between NWF and affiliates. It should describe actions that demonstrate a commitment to increasing cooperation between NWF and affiliates while advancing a common conservation agenda. Please keep the narrative to 1–2 pages total.

Nominations are due by January 11, 2012. Please submit completed nomination forms to Kelly Senser at affiliatepartnerships@nwf.org.

Who Makes the Selection and By When?

Nominations are reviewed by a selection committee comprised of NWF staff. Decisions will be communicated by early February 2012. Awardees will be notified directly. All nominators will be notified of the status of his/her nominee.

Because the Charlie Shaw award is a special tribute, please note that there may be years when the committee chooses not to extend an award in one or both categories.

* Note: Regional representatives (or those who recently served in this capacity) and members of the Affiliate and Regional Strategies team are not eligible.

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